Gaia Mindfulness offers a six-week course in meditation, relaxation and mindfulness.

Learn how you can improve your health and wellbeing using breathing techniques and visualisation. Live more fully day to day as you learn to be more present and mindful. Connect more deeply with your joy and peace.

In a small group we delve in to six themes in six weeks: connecting, clarity, compassion, voice, gratitude and healing.

Please get in touch about a free trial session if you'd like to know a bit more before booking on the course.

The course is six sessions, 1.5 hours each.

It is currently done via Zoom.



During the course you will receive handouts to summarise each session and recordings for guided meditations you can do in your own time. With each session you will also receive a list of materials to explore in order to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the topic.

The course is suitable for absolute beginners as well as those who have done some meditation before.