Where to even start with 2020? Within.

The spin of the world feels dizzying and frantic, set on toppling us. How and where do we even start tackling this rising tide of challenges? By looking after ourselves.

I can hear the arguments from some- "Taking time for breathing exercises isn’t going to address any of the problems vexing us at this time."

My question to you is, would finding a bit of calm within yourself make it any harder to tackle those problems than you are already finding it right now?

Imagine the scenario – you take a few minutes a day for a mindfulness meditation practice, in the same way you prioritise brushing your teeth or having a shower. It helps keep you feeling grounded and more calm despite the turmoil around you. You begin to find it easier to prioritise the things you do want to tackle. You can put energy in to things in line with your values. Your relationships gradually improve as you become less emotionally reactive.

Imagine, this calm you now know you have inside you becomes like an anchor and gives you confidence to look ahead - knowing you can trust yourself to care for yourself, knowing how this benefits your work and those around you.

Mindfulness isn’t fanciful and it’s not magical. It’s as practical as doing some exercise regularly to get fitter.

Every time you put mindfulness in to practice, be that during daily life or during meditation, you strengthen your mindfulness skills.

Who am I to be saying all this? Well, I’ve known anxiety for most of my life.

In fact, I know anxiety better now than ever before.

Because using mindfulness I can see when it’s creeping in, I can look at it directly as an emotional reaction, allow it to be and run its course and move on when the emotion moves on.

Emotions are emotional reactions to things, given a chance they all pass. Humans aren’t evolved to live with constant stress and anxiety. Through mindfulness we can get to know these states better and get to know how to respond to them in a way that lets them run their course. Then we can come back to that anchor of calm and know relaxation and enjoy all the other positive emotions that have space to arise once stress is lessened – joy, awe, compassion, love, gratitude.

This blog is something of a defence of mindfulness and meditation inspired by a Guardian comment piece which argued we should ditch the meditation because worrying makes us feel better and wellness practitioners don’t understand how hard people are finding the challenges of reality in 2020.

Most of us practitioners do what we do as a result of painful journeys through trauma, grief, abuse, and general emotional turmoil that pushed us to find healing. And when we coach people in mindfulness and meditation, they bring their stress, their challenges and their pain.

Self-care is not a bubble that insulates us from everything. It's a way of turning inwards to find the strength to connect with the world in a sustainable way – engaging with things with focus and purpose, while nurturing the relationship with ourselves and others.

I love being a signpost to the tools people already have so they can build up a really flipping gorgeous relationship with themselves. If you want to take a journey in mindfulness with me then browse the upcoming courses and sessions or just drop me a line and we can chat about what would work for you.


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